A few years back we met some very nice chaps from Vancouver. They called themselves Living With Lions. They seemed very friendly, well behaved and jovial. We opened a couple cans of shitty beer together and started swapping stories and laughs, then those few beers turned into dozens, which then turned into hundreds, which then left the shitbox town of Windsor, Ontario dry as a whistle. Sorry Windsor. But thank you LIFE for introducing us to Living With Lions. We love these dudes and this band, and this spring we will be doing much more drinking with them and playing the occasional show (ahem, nightly) across Western Canada. Sorry Eastern Canada, but we head south when the Pilsner runs out.

March 28th - Vancouver, BC @ The Media Club
March 29th - Whistler, BC @ Garfinkels
March 31st - Banff, AB @ The Devils Gap
April 1st - Calgary, AB @ The New Black (Early AA Show)
April 1st - Calgary, AB @ Dickens Pub (Late 18+ Show)
April 2nd - Red Deer, AB @ The Vat
April 3rd - Edmonton, AB @ The Pawn Shop
April 4th - Saskatoon, SK @ Le Relais
April 5th - Winnipeg, MB @ Park Theatre

Bring your livers everybody.