Helllll yeah. Those folks at Alt Press have our backs. Check out the review for our brand new Monumental 7 " (THAT COMES OUT TODAY!!!!) HERE

Or read it below...
This three-song EP takes its title from a standout track on the Flatliners latest album, Cavalcade. Cranking out precision melodic punk with a smidgen of ska for eight years now, this Toronto-area band are now showing the kind of progression that made Against Me! and Hot Water Music truly, ahem, monumental bands. In fact, Monumentals two non-LP tracks, Christ Punchers and Cut Your Teeth, have a definite Chris Wollard feel to them, almost as if the screamier of the Hot Water Music dudes found himself filling in for Tom Gabel for a night. And if a HWM/Against Me! amalgamation gets you all hot and bothered (and it should), this new EP from the Flatliners is a must-have. Bonus points to these guys for writing a song about a massive drinking binge, and doing it with a completely straight face.

Thanks AP!