Remember when bands used to release singles on 7 inch pieces of wax? Theyd also usually come with B-sides from their records on them. Remember? Well since we just recently got vinyl records here in snowy Canada, we dont remember either…

Alas! This coming September we bring you the Monumental single 7"! (Applause) And of course, the lovely folks at Fat Wreck Chords are (man)handling the release. The A side will be the title track (“Monumental”) from our latest album Cavalcade, while the B-side boasts 2 songs picked up and dusted off from the Cavalcade cutting room floor that are just far too sweet to rob from you folks. And on top of all that, our very talented friend and delicious food enthusiast Richard Minino (AKA Horsebites) has whipped up some really awesome artwork for it. So get stoked, cause were already there.