10th Anniversary of THE GREAT AWAKE Tour with A Wilhelm Scream
We can\'t believe it, but it\'s been 10 years since we released our album The Great Awake...

All the way back then, we fired off a message to one of our favourite bands - A Wilhelm Scream - on MySpace (yes... MySpace...) asking them to join us for our record release shows. They obliged, and subsequently embarrassed us on stage every night with their incredible level of musicianship and overall presence. An inimitable friendship was born, and one that\'s seen us play in over 10 countries together over the last 10 years, making a hell of a lot of memories along the way.

On this same weekend of shows in 2007, we were lucky enough to get a glimpse of some early mixes of their then-upcoming album Career Suicide. It was like being a told a secret you couldn\'t wait to share with the world. Our minds were blown.

We thought nothing would be better than to celebrate the 10th anniversary of both these albums together. So come see it live. Come see A Wilhelm Scream continue to embarrass us all these years later!