Well, we thought we would have better news today, but it seems as though US Immigration is still sitting on their hands. It pains us to say it, but we will have to pull out of all our shows up to and including Tuesday in Richmond.

For almost a decade we have been taking the legit route into the US to play shows, and this year should be no different. Alas, we are now stuck waiting for someone to stamp a piece of paper. An apparent backlog at the US Immigration office in Vermont has resulted in all work visa renewals to be pushed back.

After spending several hours at the border yesterday, on the phone with union officials, congress people, and lawyers, we have done everything in our legal power to expedite the process. The response from US Immigration remains the same. "Wait it out."

All shows will go on without us, and we urge you to still go out and support our friends Single Mothers and Solids. They are two killer bands that certainly deserve your attention and presence.

All we can do is continue to wait and try to catch up as best we can. And we will, of course, keep everyone posted on any news we have. We appreciate everyone's understanding in the matter and know that we will reschedule these dates as quickly as we can.

Bureaucracy: 1 / The Flatliners: 0